Every modern woman needs a stylish lingerie collection to complement her fashion choices. Not only can choosing the right lingerie make or break your look, it also does wonders to enhance your confidence and glam up your overall style. As long as you know which key pieces to keep and which ones to avoid, overhauling your lingerie selection would definitely be a piece of cake. Here are some tips to help ensure that you always have the right innerwear to complete your look:  


Know your correct body measurements. No matter how stylish the lingerie is, if you're wearing an ill-fitting bra or a shabby-looking undergarment, even the most expensive and stylish of dresses could have the potential of looking drab.

Exercise, eating habits and lifestyle changes all contribute to a woman's varying body measurements. Due to the unstable nature of bra sizes, women should get fitted at least once a year to account for the fluctuations in body size and shape.


• Have several basic pieces in your lingerie collection. Every woman should have a stash of basic lingerie pieces she could use whatever the occasion. A versatile, nude undergarment with minimal design could be worn under almost all kinds of outfits. Black lingerie, aside from increasing the sexiness factor of any dress, could always be paired with dark and delicate fabrics. A simple, beige cotton underwear, on the other hand, could easily maximize comfort without breaking the bank. Choosing basic color themes to go with your lingerie collection is the surest way to foolproof your lingerie drawer.


• Mix and match your lingerie. Once you have your key pieces ready, you could always mix and match your clothing to come up with different looks depending on the occasion. For instance, you could coordinate pajamas and robes in your wardrobe, as well as a couple of nightwear pieces, to come up with a working lingerie collection that's perfect for any season.


• Spice it up with some fun choices. Although it's advisable to have basic pieces in your closet, it's always a good idea to invest in a couple of unconventional and playful lingerie for when you're feeling exceptionally adventurous. A red lace thong or a luxurious matching silk bra and underwear would make a good addition to an otherwise monotonous wardrobe.

• Take proper care of your clothing. Lastly, know which ones need to be hand washed and which ones could be tossed into your washing machine. Look for detergents especially made for lingerie and make sure that you dry them gently; don’t use your dryer for the more delicate pieces.