Finding the perfect bra can be such a fuss, but it doesn't have to be! There are a few factors to consider while shopping for a bra; your body type, the clothes you want to wear and how you want to look. These things vary from woman to woman and also from one situation to another. Not sure what to decide for your body shape? That's where we come in! 

Push-Up Bra:  
The cups have different pads to push up and hold your breasts up to enhance cleavage and make the breasts appear larger. The straps on this bra are wide compared to other models. 
Ideal for: 
- Semi-supporting and Shallow breasts
- Women with smaller breasts who want to look fuller and larger
- Breasts that have less gap between them
- Women with relatively small shoulders

Soft Cup Bra: 
This model of the bra does not have underwires and features a side sling for forward projection. The strong wings provide maximum anchorage and support. 
Ideal for: 
- Women with Wide-set breasts or Separated breasts
- Breast that have the nipples below the breast line

Strapless Bras: 
As the name suggests, this model doesn't have straps on it. The design often includes features like rubber lining or silicone to provide additional support and prevent slippage. 
Ideal for: 
- Self-supporting and Firm Breasts
- Breasts smaller than size G 
- Women who need to raise their arms up and down frequently 

Minimiser Bras: 
The name quite clearly mentions that this is a bra designed to make the breast appear smaller. These bras come in two variants: one that lifts and redistributes the breast tissue and other that just squishes the breast to control protrusion. 
Ideal for: 
- Women with fuller Breasts that protrude forward
- Full and wide set breasts 
- Women with uncommon under bust line

Everyday Bra: 
These bras are designed for daily use and feature a single piece of fabric. Bras of this model are pretty rigid and are shaped over a predetermined breast shape. This makes your breasts appear always the same.
Ideal for:
- Women with perfect breasts who don't want to add/reduce breast size
- Firm Breasts that do not need additional support
- Smooth and Natural looking breasts

T-shirt Bra: 
These are also called contour bras and have a molded cup along with a layer of foam to provide the right shape for the breasts. 
Ideal for: 
- Women with pointed and erect nipples
- Women with uneven and shallow breasts
- Thin/Conical Breasts

All in all, knowing what bra designs work best for your figure and size will help you easily identify the style that best suits you. Not all bra types work on every woman and each of these has its pros and cons. So narrow down your search with the help of this information and figure out the style that is perfect for you.