Trust me; there is nothing that makes you feel better like wearing a well fitting bra. Research shows that at least 80% women wear bras that are either too big or too small. Well, you have got to skip the dressing room drama and know how to measure your bra size.

1. Know your cup size- In front of a mirror; make sure you wear a non padded bra, wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Measure just above your bust, where the straps meet top of the cup. Note down your measurement in centimeters. Remember your cup size is in proportion of you bra size. If measurement is an even number then add 10 cm to it and if it is an odd number add 12.5 cm to it and that is how you know your cup size. You can as well use a cup size calculator which is an easier, modern way to calculate your bra size.

2. Know how a fitting bra should feel and look- be able to put comfortably at most two fingers under the snug band which should do most support and not the straps. Look for a fit that is perfect when the bra is secured on with outermost hook. The part of the bra between the cups (gore) should lay flat on your skin. Ensure your bra gives you a sufficient coverage.

3. Know your breast shape- if you have tuberous breast then you should try bras that have well separated cups and bras with under wires. With shallow breasts stay away from plunge style bras and try bras that are horizontally cut with open top cups.

4. Ensure you feel comfortable when you sit down- if your bra makes you uncomfortable when you sit then that is a wrong bra and you should consider bras with arched center panels.

There are also other quick secrets that will help you to feel better when you wear fitted bra:

  • Getting well fitting bras gives you the best shape and makes you look even slimmer.
  • This is most important, comfort; a fitting bra will make you have confidence in yourself as you will have a good posture and you will be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Bras that do not fit well are most likely to give you headaches and painful back problems and also research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information show that it also brings breast or thoracic pains. Choose to wear a bra that fits and not what you want to fit.

For more details about the research of having headaches and painful back.