Ladies, get ready for summer, but do not forget the imperative-comfort! 

Choosing enough lightweight and comfortable clothes for summer heat can be a real challenge. Even trickier is choosing the appropriate undies that we wear during the hot summer. Choosing a good underwear is crucial!

Lace, satin and synthetic during the summer should be strictly avoided. Such undies retain moisture, which is the main reason of often infection. Experts advise to avoid thong, lace and corsets in the coming months. Leave those in drawers and get the summer collection.


The best choice will be slips (one hundred percent cotton), that are airy and does not retain moisture. Also, the wet clothes for exercise and swimsuits should be changed with dry undies, as soon as possible. 

No matter how many undies are hidden from eyes of the public, studies show that women feel much more confident and secure when she wears quality undies (sexy or not)! 

The most important thing is to always choose your correct size - no bigger, no smaller (which is also ruled for skinny) and, of course, to you feel good about yourself! Below the white clothing you should wear neutral color or colors that are similar with the color of your skin. In this way undies will not be translucent or stand out too much, under the white clothes.

At least during the working week you can replace lace underwear with comfortable cotton. It will be more easily making it through the day. Cotton is soft and comfortable. Its best feature is that it readily absorbs and releases moisture. This material is a very high quality natural material that can withstand high temperatures, and it is long lasting.

Of course, if you play around with the colours and designs, you'll be seductive even in a cotton underwear. Be creative, take summer colours lingerie, and let your imagination run wild! 

Judging by this year's collection of different designers' customer expectations will be fulfilled. 

Keep up the of this good advice and spend a nice summer.

We know men love sexy underwear, garter belt and thong, but truthful, you can be totally sexy and plain in white cotton panties. Leave synthetics for special occasions or for the winter, enjoy the summer. It will be hot for sure!